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Do any of these questions resonate with you?

I wish that I had more of the answers to my clients' difficult problems...️

I am hungry to learn but I am just not sure who I should be listening to these days as there is just so much misinformation out there in the         health and nutrition world today...

I fully understand how to get someone to eat a clean diet and exercise but when it comes to the clients that have more of the deep-rooted problems such as hormone imbalances or chronic gut symptoms, I really don’t know where to start...

There are times that I question my abilities to really help clients and I even struggle with how to effectively lead by an example for my clients?

I have been through several nutrition-based certifications and I feel that they all cover the same things and I am so ready to learn how to those with different goals than to just lose 10 pounds for a vacation.

I want to be looked at as an authority in the health and nutrition realm where I know I can solve people’s problems.

I want to say that I make a difference in people’s lives.

Then it hit me... I know I have some work to do or some holes in my health coaching game.

If any of the above questions hit a nerve, then this is the right place for you!

On the Journey to Make a Difference in the Lives of My Clients, How Do I Get There?

Just like most of the health and nutrition coaches out there you have most likely chosen this line of work to help others and be in control of your future both in a financial sense and a career sense and most likely so that you can do more of what you love rather than being stuck at a 9-5 desk job.


But here are the facts, the health and nutrition coaching industry is growing but with that, it is also becoming very competitive as well. How do you plan to separate yourself from the rest of the health and nutrition coaching competition that is coming?


Quite possibly you love what you do each day but you still may also feel completely overwhelmed as to what direction to take with your the future.


Should I gain more education? Or should I build up my business? Or should I gain more experience?


Some will say focus on one aspect at a time, others will say focus on whatever area that you are the weakest at!


I say the worst thing that you can do is do nothing at all! Do not be a deer in headlights and freeze when the time comes and do not practice paralysis by analysis. With all of the competition that is coming soon all of the health coaches of tomorrow will need to be multifaceted. They are going to have to be constantly updating their education level, be a part-time marketer, part-time counselor, and a part-time cheerleader for their clients. But the bottom line is the coaches of tomorrow are going to need to be confident that they can deliver their clients results!


I totally understand the confusion that coaches have as to which route they should take, even to the point that it may cause financial stress, or that it may invade your thoughts before sleep.


I want to tell you that all of those feelings are perfectly normal and that if you are willing to work towards reaching your goals, whatever they are, you can get there in a very short period of time.


My name is Travis James Zipper and I have been exactly where many of you coaches are right now, I have questioned myself at many times in my coaching journey and because that is not a feeling that I wish on anyone, I am here to genuinely help you to become the best possible health coach that you can, help your clients achieve results, help build up your own confidence levels, work less time but make more money and lastly just have more of an impact on this world. I want to show you how to become a great health detective with your clients and give you the tools and protocols so that you never second guess yourself again.


Whatever your problems may be, I am confident that I can help you become a better coach if you allow me to be your guide when it comes to reaching your own pinnacle of health and business.

How to Use This Site

This health coaching-based content site provides three routes of travel: 


1.  Education


2.  Implementation Practice by Problem Solving


3.  Mentorship


If you are any form of a health coach and are just in the information-gathering/learning stage, then please start with the pillar page topics on this site. As they cover some of the largest problems that all health coaches will face today with their clients and how to solve them. 


Learn the basics behind the problems and the routes to correct them and even test your knowledge with some example case study clients for each of the 5 pillar topics. Use these pages and protocols to become more confident in your abilities in working with clients. 


Start by downloading the “How Healthy Are You Really” Questionnaire to use yourself and with your own clients so that you can help point out some hidden areas that may need some health improvements. The questionnaire will look at every area of health, hopefully creating a call to action for clients. And the best part is that it takes just minutes to fill out.


Currently if you are a confident health coach, but just maybe from time to time you have tough clients that you are unsure as to how to help? 


Maybe you think that certain functional medicine testing or some functional blood testing could shine some light on a client’s potential problems. 


Or quite possibly you want to have someone hold you accountable and have a coach yourself so that you in addition to your clients can both reach your goals?


If any of those ideas sound intriguing and if you want some additional help and possibly would like work with me in any regard then just send me an email and we can set up a time to chat and see if we are a good fit.


Do you know what type of health coach that you want to be in the future? 


I can safely tell you that whoever that person is or wherever that person wants to end up by having a guide to show them how to get there, will be one of the fastest ways in order to ensure that they reach their destination. Please do not use the trial by fire approach when it comes to your dreams whatever they may be. 


In order to help fast track the coaches of tomorrow towards reaching their financial and career-based goals I have put together a 12-month mentorship that will clearly separate you from anyone else in the health and nutrition coaching realm today! 


With al of the applicable information that you will learn you will be empowered to help even the most broken types of clients and better enable them to make lasting changes.


And it would be my pleasure for me to be your guide on that journey. 


Please reach out to me if any of what I have said sounds intriguing. Or  Check out the Wellfitz Mentorship page directly.

Work With Me

There are numerous ways in which a person can learn to be healthy. As I explain to most of my clients as well as the coaches that I work with, way too many people attempt to do it all on your own. And when they do so, in the back of their minds they are always wondering or second guessing themselves and then just ultimately hoping for the best.  When all of that worry could have been eliminated by just learning from an experienced professional, that could guide them along the path to success. 


That is why I always advise a quick chat with any potential client or any coach that I am looking to help. As I do so for myself as well as for the other person in order to make sure that we will be a good fit for each other. Having said that, I really can’t have coaches or clients that are only half in and or are not ready for for more of a hands-on approach. 


Being coached or coaching others is always  going to be an individualized journey and because of that I do offer many different services in an a-la-carte style in order to work within a person’s budget, time constraints and most importantly to make sure that I can meet their needs.

1-on-1 Health Coaching

Do you have hard time finding a lifestyle and dietary plan that’s sustainable?  Do you have a hard time staying consistent in general when it comes to eating? Have you “tried it all,” and still not found answers to your nutrition, gut, or possible hormone problems? Many times, coaches overlook some of the most basic fundamentals which can potentially and quickly turn around a person’s program for the better with only making a few minor tweaks. 


But…If something underlying is occurring, my background may just be able to help guide you through your hurdles compared to just finding another random coach. Let me attempt to help fix what might be holding you back from finding success compared to just throwing your hands up in the air and saying I’m not  quite sure what to do next?


Everything we will do together will be customized and individualized specifically to you and  to your needs. This is NOT going to be a Health Program. This will be a 1-on-1 Health Coaching Experience to uncover what’s exactly what may be holding you back from reaching your full potential. 


Let’s find success together by using some of the proven methods that I have used with thousands of my clients to discover their own unique path to optimized levels of health. To find out if we may be a good fit for each other and if you are ready to invest in yourself today, tomorrow, or in the near future… fill out a few questions schedule your by consult with the link below. 


In our consultation, allow me to help you understand what might be the positive and or the negative factors in your life at the current moment based on your goals. No strings attached.

For Health and Nutritions Coaches Only

Do You Need Help With Clients?

Do you have a client that you feel  stuck in the mud with? As in, you’ve tried quite a few different things with no success or maybe you just want to try something new such as help them order some blood work in order to uncover a possible problem all with the end goal of helping that client achieve better results. But overall you are just not sure where to start? 


Even the best health coaches and practitioners will have clients that eventually hit a plateau along their health journey. Helping those clients overcome that plateau could be as simple of a fix such as optimizing sleep or it could be something more advanced such as correcting a chronic GI problem or a possible hormonal issue.


Now, before you get to the point of being overwhelmed and start wondering what should I be doing now with this client… Simply, click below and let’s schedule a client review. In our review we will go over where your client is, what adjustments might need to be made and how to possibly help them get back on the path of success and overall health. 


The alternative to staying frustrated and or not getting any assistance will not be not as much fun. Meaning that your client will most likely just continue to feel stuck, while at the same time you as their coach won’t know what to do with them during and with their particular issues. You might even be running out of tools that you feel comfortable with and may even be starting to second guess yourself. This ultimately leads to your client to not seeing the results in which they are looking for, and what ultimately happens next, is the client does what anyone would do in a service based relationship that isn’t working out…They leave. As they no longer see the value in spending any more money since in their minds they are not moving in a positive direction. 


But… before it ever gets to that point, let’s see if I can possibly help. As all coaches should know the importance of having a strong support team all around them with the end goal of better optimizing any client’s program and or protocol. 


Let’s jump on quick chat and cover the client’s details in terms of what they’ve already done, what they may need to switch up, and together let’s create a customized lifestyle plan that will help you learn as well as help guide the client through their plateau or help possibly identify if a much deeper rooted issue may be present or not? 

Functional Lab Testing Review

Do You Need Help Reviewing Client's Lab Results?

Many times the use of functional health testing can help a coach or practitioner better identify if an underlying and or hidden stressor is the reason as to why a client is not seeing the results in which they are looking for despite the fact that they are following your guidance and protocols perfectly. 


As a practitioner and a health coach I have been using functional medicine testing extensively with clients for several years now and I firmly believe that functional health testing to be an invaluable tool when it comes to developing protocols and getting people on board with regards to following a plan 


If you already have lab work that has been performed but are just unsure as to how it relates to your client or even if the idea of functional lab testing intrigues you as to how certain labs work and if they may benefit your client… Then let’s jump on a quick call and see what your client may need or what they may benefit from. There are numerous functional medicine tests that can be ordered that may shine some light on a potential problem for your client or even yourself. However, knowing which one to start with is going to be key so that you aren’t asking your clients to spend their hard earned money on wasted tests. 


Some of the more common labs that I help clients and practitioners evaluate include: 


  • DUTCH Testing 
  • GI Map – Stool Testing 
  • Blood Chemistry Interpretations (CBC/CMP) 
  • Comprehensive Thyroid Panels 
  • Men’s Hormones and Wellness Panels 
  • Women’s Hormones and Wellness Panels 
  • Food Sensitivity Testing 
  • Wheat Zoomer Testing 
  • SIBO Breath Testing 


Based on the results, I will go over and interpret what the test results mean with you as a coach or we can set up a 3-way Zoom call with you, myself and the client. Together we can create an objective, data-guided and individualized health coaching plan that aims to correct any areas of concern or dysfunction that may have been identified on the testing.


The protocols and or plans that we will create together will be much more than just supplements and they may include: dietary improvements, implementing stress management techniques and recovery times, sleep and circadian rhythm optimization, advisement as to if bio-identical pro-hormone treatments should be considered or not, the right forms of exercise and movement for you or the client, and much more if they are needed.


Please note that I am not a Licensed Physician and I am not attempting to substitute any form of medical care in any way. None of the recommendations that will come from working with me or from any program that I offer are directed towards the treatment, management, or the prevention of any medically recognized condition, and they should not and will not replace any form of supervised healthcare. If there is ever any doubt, about anything that is learned, I strongly encourage any person to first meet with their own doctor and get approval before implementing any of the lifestyle, exercise, nutrition, or supplementation recommendations, that may be advised as well as before addressing any additional concerns that might have be brought up on any form of functional testing that may be performed.


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