Hi, I’m Travis Zipper

I am a Health Coach/ Educator teaching and coaching the health coaches of tomorrow.

90% of the time I have hair that is on point and my shirts are probably one size too small!

Well how should I describe myself?

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Here is what I am up to right now

Health Coach
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Health Coach
Educator/ Mentor
Wellfitz Mentoring

Owner/ Certification Instructor
Nutritional Coaching Institute

Maryland University
Integrative Health
Discussing My Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition

Like many of you, when I first started out in the nutrition realm, I barely made it and I lived paycheck to paycheck.  One of my first actual jobs was at a medical weight-loss clinic where I made less than $1000 every two weeks. I loved what I was doing and I had a passion for helping people improve their lives but deep down I knew something was quite right.  I was even contemplating a second job to pay the bills and at that time I just felt ill-equipped to help the clients that I was seeing.

On top of that, I knew deep down that diet pills and medications were not the long term answer for any of my clients.

I just felt stuck.

At the time, I didn’t have the skills or the education to really make the difference that I knew I could and that I wanted to. So, I started asking one simple question that ultimately changed everything for me.

It was asking a simple one word question. And that word was Why?

That’s Right. Why?


Why couldn’t I learn how to help clients in any health situation?

Why couldn’t I write my own paychecks compared to just hoping that someone else would see my value and give me a few more dollars each year?

Why was the medical community only looking to manage its patient’s symptoms instead of really trying to find the true root cause behind their problems? 

Quickly, I figured out I was not going to ever get the answers that I was looking for through the traditional ways. As new problems require new solutions or better put, require non-traditional solutions. So, I decided to take a different route and find the coaches, and practitioners, and anyone else out there who was helping their clients and patients turn their lives around for the better and truly achieve levels of amazing health.  Over the next several years, I literally became a sponge soaking up all that I could and as time passed, I started to understand why my non-cookie cutter clients were not seeing the short-term and long-term results that they wanted. It was at that point where I realized that there was no turning back as my own path forward had never been more clear. I knew from that point forward I was going to be a person who was determined to make a difference in this world by never having to turn away a not so typical or complicated client ever again because I didn’t have the skills to help them.
  • Connect with just about any type of clients regardless of need, want, or obstacle/s 
  • Become 100% confident in my abilities 
  • Earn referrals from clients that I have helped so that I never have to cheaply market myself ever again
  • Learn application protocols that produce results for the growing number of difficult health conditions today 
  • It is for these very reasons that I have decided to create the Wellfitz Mentorship so that I can hopefully show all the coaches of tomorrow how to do the very same thing

A little more about Travis

Travis J. Zipper is the Co-founder and lead Instructor for the Nutritional Coaching Institute or NCI of where he has personally created several incredible courses teaching the health and nutrition coaches of tomorrow highly controversial topics like gut health and hormonal imbalances. His work history over the past 7 years includes both a clinical setting and a functional health coaching setting which has allowed him to directly work with over 2000 plus clients during that time. 


For 5 of his clinical years, he worked side by side with numerous doctors helping patients achieve amazing weight loss results and achieve anti-aging goals among many others. He decided to continue his education as well as becoming a Functional Diagnostic Practitioner (FDN) and is currently pursuing his Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition. As Travis says. “I will always be a student at heart and I will always be looking to learn from the best out there in order to continue to give more to each client and to the coaches of tomorrow.”

Wellfitz Mentorship
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